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  • Medical Website Design

    Glacial Multimedia's commitment to delivering a high-end internet presence is evident in our website development process. Each project is rigorously tested prior to deployment. All of our medical websites share the common bond of logical architecture that enables users to intuitively navigate them.

    Medical Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Glacial Multimedia is specialized in medical search engine optimization for industries such as ophthalmology, dentistry, dermatology and radiology. After we optimize your website and conduct a complete search engine positioning campaign, we maintain our work to ensure long-term rankings.

    Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Marketing

    Our expertise in using internet marketing tools to complement organic search engine optimization campaigns is vast. We know how to efficiently use internet marketing methods such as Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Call to generate leads with a postitive ROI.

    Internet Marketing
  • Video/Audio Production

    Our Audio/Video Production Team offers a full range of digital services including production work for TV commercials, music videos, corporate training videos, or patient education videos. In addition to the actual production of the video we can actually direct and write the material needed for your project.

    Video/Audio Production
  • Website Hosting

    Unlike the competition, we provide hosting solutions ONLY to our current clients and decline requests to host sites owned by unknown third parties like most hosting companies do. In addition, our hosting platform comes with an abundance of cutting-edge features that are hard to come by in the industry.

    Website Hosting
  • Web Analytics

    Understanding the performance of your online tools requires very detailed analytics and reporting. We use the latest in web analytics and search engine reporting techology to generate key metrics about your website, and take an active consultant based approach to contstantly improve your performance.

    Web Analytics
  • Social Media Integration

    Nobody can deny the power of social media marketing in the Web 2.0 world but it can be tricky business. We have the know-how to use social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace to expand your online presence and help you reach a whole new array of patients.

    Social Media Integration
  • Glacial Multimedia is a medical marketing agency specialized in medical website design, search engine optimization and web based software development.

    We employ cutting-edge technology and thinking to bridge the gaps between medical companies and their customers. By integrating a cocktail of new media marketing tools, including medical website design, search engine optimization, email campaigns, DVD's, web hosting and more, we can take your business to the next level.

    With offices in Portland, Maine (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey), we have a worldwide presence and access to the resources required to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

    Whether you are a small practice looking to establish Internet visibility or a large medical company seeking a reliable outsourcing partner, we have the expertise you need.

    Please continue reading to learn more about how we can help your business grow:

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  • We offer a free website assessment service to evaluate your current website for any defects that may effect accessibilty, useability and search engine ranking.

    In the assessment, we'll cover the basics of what you should know about your website, as well as a look into what we do in a full website audit. Our free report will cover the most important issues, including:

    • The effectiveness of your current site structure, coding and content.
    • Any major programming, structure or design faults that may hinder your site being indexed.
    • Your performance in terms of the external links that play a vital role in search engine results.

    The free website assessment will also include our recommendations and proposals for action that will help to improve your chances of generating the best volume of traffic from prospective customers to your website, together with a summary of the services that we can provide.

    Request a website assessment
  • Our blog was launched as an attempt to make our site more useful to visitors than just a standard portfolio site. Through our blog we aim to provide helpful and informative posts that meet the needs of our customers.

    If you're unfamiliar with our blog, we hope that you'll take a few moments to see what is available and we encourage you to get involved by commenting and subscribing. We have an intelligent audience that regularly enhances the quality of information on the site by participating in the discussion.

    We're passionate about every aspect of our work: from beautiful typography to explosive social media, enabling technologies to emerging business models. We created this space so that we could collect, share and discuss our thoughts with you.

    Visit our blog.
  • In order to quote an accurate price for designing and implementing your website we will need to speak to you to fully understand your specific medical website design and marketing needs. However, we can usually come up with a rough estimate of your costs by getting the answers to some basic questions.

    In an effort to profide you with this estimate and better understand the marketing, messaging, and branding needs of your business, we have created the a website questionnaire.

    Some of the questions will have a direct bearing on the particular project and some are more general in nature. If you do not think that a certain question is pertinent, simply move on to the next one. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this project.

    Request a quote.
  • "Glacial Multimedia came to our practice a little over a three years ago. They worked with our marketing and administrative team to develop a strong Internet marketing strategy for our total practice. The end result was very positive as our cataract and refractive surgery referrals from the Internet have increased significantly. We have experienced an increase in quarter over quarter cataract and refractive surgery volume since the launch of our new web site and SEO strategy. In short, we are very pleased with our relationship with Glacial Multimedia and their team has helped our practice build a strong and effective Internet brand at Minnesota Eye Consultants."

    Richard L. Lindstrom, MD,Minnesota Eye Consultants

    "The guys at Glacial have been an enormous force in improving our web presence. They are current, innovative and responsive in their approach to customizing web solutions for us. I don't know what we would do without Michael, Onur and the entire Glacial team!"

    D. Rex Hamilton, MD Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Director, UCLA Laser Refractive Center

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  • Below are some most recent samples from our medical website design portfolio.

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