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About Glacial MultimedaSince the year 2000, Glacial Multimedia has been employing cutting-edge technology and trying to bridge the gaps between medical companies and their customers. By integrating a mix of new media marketing tools, including medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, web video/audio production, website analytics, social media optimization and software development, we simply create ideas that succeed. In an ever-changing marketing field such as Internet marketing it is easy to make a wrong turn or poor decision.

The experience and expertise at Glacial Multimedia ensure that proper decisions are made and long-term goals are met for clients. Glacial Multimedia has dedicated the best talent and hardest working individuals to create Internet marketing solutions that help expand the goals of our clients. Our team is comprised of marketing strategists, art directors, software developers, programmers, copywriters, website analysts and business development leaders. We truly understand how online consumer behavior can lead to increased business opportunity for our clients.

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